Email marketing is a powerful direct marketing strategy that involves sending commercial message to a group of people or potential customers/clients using email. Email marketing is an inexpensive way of communicating profitable or fund raising messages to your audience. Over the years, Email marketing has emerged as the most effective digital marketing strategy for getting new clients or communicating with the existing customer base.

A modern Email Marketing system does not mean “bombarding” the audience with promotional messages and discounts – on the contrary, it means understanding them and feeding them the right information at the right time, using the right approach, to turn them into loyal buyers.

Moreover, it means organising an optimised CRM system, which allows you to automate multi-channel marketing – which can passively increase your online turnover by up to 30% in less than a year.

The best part about an effective Email Marketing program is that you can use your audience information not only to boost your on-site online engagement, but also for other campaigns you run – such as Social Media Marketing, Google Search Ads, or offline – all of which help you earn up to 200% more profit from your marketing investments.

We specialise in helping both B2B and B2C / E-commerce brands implement highly effective Email Marketing strategies, personalised to their company nature and objectives, such as :

  • Automated Visitor Welcome Journeys
  • Recurrent Email Marketing Promotional Campaigns – B2B, Hospitality & E-commerce / B2C
  • Drip Emails for Lead Nurturing (B2B)
  • Abandoned Cart Emails for E-commerce
  • Replenishment Emails for E-Commerce
  • Referral Programs for E-commerce, B2B and Hospitality Industries
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